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Kneel before the Great King, Tobio~

My obsession is getting worse day by day, it’s not even funny anymore.


do u think kisumi would like strawberry flavored things cuz…. yes

make me choose » Mamura or Shishio asked my anonymous




done for the 69min challenge on twitter; theme was bandaids. I’m really happy with how the left shoe turned out lol


131108 赤司 - 黒子のバスケ

summary of male anime friendships

  • naruto and sasuke: i hate you so much i hope you die but let me spend the entire series running after you
  • luffy and zoro: more loyal to each other than your dog is to you
  • nastu and gray: why are we friends again
  • killua and gon: don't fucking die or ill beat your ass
  • kuroko and kagami: partners for life bruh
  • gareki and nai: i don't like people but you're an exception
  • suzaku and lelouch: emotional roller coaster
  • ciel and sebastion: you're fucking annoying but i love you even though i won't admit it
  • haru and rin: ok im going to kick your ass if you don't swim with/for me
  • eren and armin: i love you so much please don't die
  • soul and black star: bro were awesome bro
  • yoshino and mahiro: everyone makes me angry except you
  • rin and yukio: were brothers that can't agree for shit
  • hinata and kageyama: i don't like you but i need you
  • nine and twelve: fucking boss ass terrorism partners
  • nezumi and shion: we're dating
  • yata and fushimi: wtf happened dude


A guy’s first world problem.


Haru’s complex thought process…


by Trough-Bird

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Benedict Cumberbatch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Oh my GOD, Cumberbatch, you troll.